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 Topic selection



Typically, teachers provide students with a list of topics to choose from, from which you need to choose only one. But, in some universities, only a general direction is set, and students must independently choose a suitable topic. To choose the right topic, first of all, you need to determine which audience the essay should be designed for. These can be teachers, a scientific committee, or employers. In the case of teachers, it is important to determine in advance by what criteria the text will be assessed. The author must be competent in the chosen topic, and with the help of the essay writing service review, demonstrate to the examiner such qualities as originality, literacy and professionalism. If the teacher nevertheless provided a list of topics, then it is better to choose the one in which you have certain knowledge, and which seems to you the most interesting. If the role of the reviewer is performed by the employer, then the author of the essay in the text should reflect such qualities as sincerity, humanity, and individuality.



How does the work on the essay begin?



Often people, who have sufficient eloquence and know how to express their thoughts well, do not know where to start an essay. Thinking too much about the beginning weakens the author's enthusiasm and darkens the creative process. How to start an essay correctly:



  • Before you start writing an essay, you need to formulate an idea, determine the main purpose of the written work and select quality sources. 
    2. You can use the technique of freewriting, that is, free writing. The essence of the method is to describe all the thoughts that come to mind, without paying attention to grammar and punctuation. This method is often used by writers who cannot overcome the creative crisis in any way. 
    3. You don't need to dwell on the introductory part. You can immediately start edubirdie the main part, and only then, with a clear understanding of the main idea of the essay, write an introduction. 
    4. Some experts recommend starting an essay with a question, the answer to which will be given in the text.



Drawing up an essay plan



You don't need to try to draw up an ideal plan right away, because it is simply impossible to do this. 
Moreover, in the process of work, the plan will be repeatedly edited. Honestly, it is not at all necessary to draw up a plan, ace my homework, since it is precisely the absence of restrictions and rigid frameworks that is the main advantage of this type of written work. If the author is a supporter of work according to the plan, then, of course, it can be drawn up.  First of all, it is necessary to write the main ideas of the essay - they will just serve as the points of the plan. Then, each point needs to be broken down into several more sub-points. 
Finally, you need to re-read the plan and make sure that each of its points is sufficiently detailed and the structure is logical and concise.



What does the structure of an essay consist of?



As a rule, an essay consists of three main parts: 
Introductory part - an essay is one of the types of written works, and they are all like known to contain an introductory part or an introduction. The introductory part should interest the reader and make him read the article to the end. The introduction must necessarily contain the wording of the problem, a rhetorical question or a quote. It is important that the reader immediately understands what the essence of the problem under consideration is.



Main part - in this section it is necessary to give several points of view, as well as touch on the history of the problem. As a rule, the main part consists of several sub-items. And the sub-clauses, in turn, consist of three sections: thesis, justification and sub-conclusion. 



Conclusion - the main task of this section is to combine the conclusions on each thesis presented in the main part. It is necessary to present everything in such a way that the reader, based on the given arguments, comes to a single logical conclusion. If the purpose of the introduction is to interest the reader, then the main task of the conclusion is to evoke certain emotions in the reader and push him to think.



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