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Learn to program: The bus ticket

Imagine that your buddy has to get on a bus and buy a bus ticket. It's hard enough when he only has 3 teams.

However, in this case he gets another basic element: operations - can you do my homework . Operations allows him to work with numbers, and that means he can do all the basic arithmetic operations. With this, at least he knows he needs money, and now he knows the price.

He could also use these operations to calculate if he has enough money for a bus ticket.

Your computer can do all the basic arithmetic the same way, and it calculates at a speed you wouldn't even dream of being faster - python coding help . This means that you can do simple arithmetic problems using a programming language.

There is also a bit of logic, such as "more" and "less than" comparisons, as well as simple and/or operations: these are operations.

You have already mastered most of them, but you will have to learn when to use them during programming.

Notepad and Wallet.
How is your buddy supposed to pay for his bus ticket if he doesn't have a wallet with money in it?

And maybe he has to remember which bus route to take. For that, he needs a notebook. Your buddy needs to save things and information and be able to access and change them as needed.

You could explain the route to the nearest bus stop, but there are a few lines that go from there. So he knows which bus he has to get in, he has to get that information from the information board first and write it down or "save" it.

Also, the price table for each bus line and stop is in order in the neighborhood. If you do not give your other the opportunity to get this information and retrieve it when needed, he will get on the wrong bus and be fined for dodging.

Saving and calling information - excel assignment help : bus route 3, price 3.50, Stop B. Such data are called variables in the program. With a variable you get to save and load data in the program. Only as long as the program is active.

Your buddy will almost forget what the ticket price is, how much money he still has left (unless he writes the balance of his account in his notebook) and which bus route he took.

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