LTT Activity Report

Report on the LTT activity held in Pula from October 15 to October 18, 2020

The activities of learning, tutoring and training under the European project Erasmus+ KA 201, titled “Adventures of Learning Outside kindergarten” took place in Pula, Croatia, from 15 May to 16 September. Until The 18th Century. October 2020. Mr. The aim of the project is to encourage knowledge and skills in working with children of preschool and lower school age through an innovative approach that puts emphasis on play and learning outside kindergarten, in nature, cultural institutions, science, sports and other appropriate, authentic places in the environment. This model sees the local environment and natural environment as resources for experienced learning of children that best foster critical and functional thinking.

Due to the covid19 virus pandemic, project participants attended the training combined.Sola and vrtec “Dobje”, Dobje pri Planina, Slovenia and PU ,,Včielka”, Backi Petrovac, Serbia turned on virtually while The Matica Srpske Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia and PU ,,Maštolend, Novi Sad, Serbia in LTT activities participated physically in the organization DV ,,Dandelion” from Pula, Croatia.

The theme of the training was the out-of-school learning of children of an early age (Out-of-Classrom Learning with young children). The goal is to teach and teach participants methodological and pedagogical technologies for research activities of children outside kindergartens and schools. Everyone, with their knowledge, experience and skills, acquired in the institutions from which they come, contributed to the quality of training. All participants were given width in terms of the possibility of implementing the ‘outdoor’ program with children aged 2 and 2. 10, 2014, in New York City. Year. Networking of Knowledge will contribute to the creation of an innovative model of work that everyone will try out in their institution, show at the transnational meeting in Dobju pri Planina and participate in the creation of an e-manual for educators, teachers and parents.

Kindergarten “Dandelion”, Pula, Croatia

The hosts of the “Dandelion” kindergarten in Pula gave us an unforgettable welcome in kindergarten and later for a festive dinner in the traditional Ioan atmosphere.

Morena Rveća with educators from Pu “Maštolend” from Serbia.
A festive dinner at the traditional Ioan restaurant.

Hosts from Croatia presented us with a methodology related to the research activities of children in the kindergarten yard and the local community, where we could watch a film prepared for LTT training, visit places in Pula where children of kindergarten “Dandelion” go out to play and learn and participate in the traditional defending of kindergarten olives.

A screening of a film created during the outdoor activities of children of kindergarten ,Dandelion”
Practical part of kindergarten training “Dandelion”
The harvest of kindergarten olives.
Workshop in courtyard DV “Dandelion”

In addition, we were able to enjoy the traditional Isymer cuisine and visit the most important sites of Kolturno-historical heritage pula.

In front of the Pulse Arena.

An educational visit to Aquarium Poole – the most visited aquarium in Croatia aimed at showing the beauty and diversity of undersea life and bringing the problem of nature conservation closer to the general public and educating children, young people and adults.
Lungomare Beach and Promenade

Basic shop and kindergarten “Dobje” in Dobju pri Planina, Slovenia

Elementary school ”Dobje” from Dobja in The Mountain from Slovenia has turned on virtually. They presented their school and the richness of outdoor learning opportunities.

PPT presentation from virtual training cup and kindergarten “Dobje” from Slovenia.
Anna Kostanjsek Nusha’s “Dobje” spin-off.

Hiking, beekeeping, swimming, diving, skiing, plant cultivation, collecting herbs, making teas, spices, honey,….. only some of the competences we learned about in training from colleagues in Slovenia.

Preparing to go to LTT activity in Pula. The arrival of our dear friends from Slovenia was prevented by a bad epidemiological situation regarding the 19th century covida.
Virtual training of the cup and spindle “Dobje” from Slovenia. Introductory word from the principal of the school and kindergarten, Suzana Nobleash.

Matica Srpske Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia

Experts from the Matica Srpske Gallery in Novi Sad introduced us to gallery educational programs for children and numerous possibilities for organizing activities for the youngest in cultural institutions.  

Presentation of the work and workshops of The Matica Gallery of Serbia participants, Jelena Ognjanović, project coordinator, Ivana rastović, museum educator and Jelena Bobić, educator.
Presentation of work and workshops of participants of The Matica Gallery of Serbia

The result was the training of participants in creating programs for children of early age in cultural, sports and local community institutions.

Gallery publications for the youngest audience in the hands of training participants.

Preschool “Včielka” from Backa Petrovac, Serbia

For the application of digital technologies in activities with children in nature and cultural institutions, we were trained by participants from PU ”Včelka” Backi Petrovac, Serbia. They engaged virtually in their work and tracked the entire LTT activity online.  

On the table are digital toys that participants were able to try out during the zoom presentation.

The result was the training of participants in creating programs for children of early age with appropriate use of digital toys.

Preschool “Maštolend” from Novi Sad from Serbia

PU ”Imaginationland” from Novi Sad introduced us to methodological and pedagogical technologies for research activities of children in urban urban areas.

Presentation of outdoor activity methodology from a project approach to learning through examples from practice.
An example of a learning map in the local community.
Children make learning maps that are visible and accessible in the kindergarten room.
Training for inclusion of parents in outdoor activities with children.
One of the tasks on the phone’s software application .

The result was seen in the ability of participants in the creation of programs in parks, cultural and sports institutions, organization of nature trips, inclusion of families and project access in the use of local community for educational programs with children.

Training results

The training lasted four days. As partner organizations have created a consortium, taking care that each with their knowledge, experience and skills, complements the other and thus creates additional value and quality of joint work, we networked our knowledge and competences.

After training, all participants will plan, organize and realize work with children by networking knowledge and ideas and applying them in activities in nature, activities in institutions from the local community and designing the use of digital technologies in this way.

The greatest learning outcome is the participants’ capacity to conduct the learning process outside kindergarten with: respect for the interests of children and the topics they deal with, appropriateness of ages 2.-10. compliance with security and risk measures, the inclusion of the family and the local community. Training increased the quality of innovative solutions for methodology of working with children in different natural and social contexts.