The Adventures of Out-of-Classroom Learning

The project called “The Adventures of Out-of-Classroom Learning” has originated within the Erasmus+ Program, Key activities of two strategic partnerships for schools and preschool institutions, envisaged to last for 34 months – from September 1st 2019 to August 14th 2022. The project has been submitted by the preschool institution “Mastolend’’ from Novi Sad, together with elementary school “Dobje” from Dobje pri Planini (Republic of Slovenia), “Maslacak” kindergarten from Pula (Republic of Croatia), Preschool Institution “Vcielka” from Backi Petrovac (Republic of Serbia) and Gallery of Matica srpska from Novi Sad (Republic of Serbia), who are all strategic partners in the development of an innovative model of teaching children.

The goal of the project is to stimulate knowledge and skills in the work with children of preschool and lower school age, through an innovative approach which emphasizes play and outdoor learning, in natural environment, in cultural, scientific, sports and other authentic institutions.

Conference – Adventures of learning outside the walls of kindergartens and schools

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The professional meeting was opened by:

Janos Puskas, Director of the Pedagogical Institute of Vojvodina

Morena Ravnic, nurse and equalizer, DV "Dandelion", Pula, Croatia.

Suzana Plemenitaš, Principal, Elementary School "Dobje", Dobje pri Planina, Slovenia

Ana Laćarak, Director of PU "Včielka", from Backa Petrovac

You can read the attachment from Novi Sad TV on the following link.

TV Attachment

Dusanka Mudrinić, Professor of Pedagogy, Project Coordinator, PU Kindergarten ,"Imaginationland", Novi Sad talked about the Project Learning Adventures Outside kindergarten/ The adventures of Out-of-Classrom Learning , Erasmus + KA 201

Dr. Tijana Palkovljević Bulgaria, Matica Srpska Gallery, Novi Sad spoke about the Museum of The Child.

Prof. Dr. Sc. Lidija Vujicic , Faculty of Education, University of Rijeka, Croatia spoke on the topic : Integrated learning of children of early and preschool age

The first day of work ended with the film "How the Book of Learning Adventures Emerged Outside the Walls of Kindergartens and Schools."

The film, "How the Book of Learning Adventures Outside Kindergartens and Schools" came about.


  • Application of digital toys in real kindergarten program – PU ,,Včielka", B.Petrovac

Ana Laćarak, director, Andrijana Ciric, educator, Jasna Struhar, educator, Zeljka Đorđević Pilipović, educator, Sanela Ljiljak Mihailo, educator, Katarina Lačok, educator, Vesna Augustinov, educator

  • Forest as classroom – Elementary School "Dobje" from Dobja pri Mountain in Slovenia Bosjan Artiček, teacher, Ana Kostajnsek, educator

  • Sections in Gallery Matice Srpske from Novi Sad – Gallery programs for children in Gallery Matice Srpske, Jelena Bobić and Ivana Ristović

  • Workshop: Urban environments as a real-life space, PU "Imaginationland" from Novi Sad.

Educators: Ivan Sakan, Josip Jaramazovic, Suzana Kuzela, Slađana Lalošvić, Dinja Tasevski, Ivana Stoiljkovic

"Adventures in Urban Environments".
  • Urban environments as real program space, Dusanka Mudrinić, PU ,"Imacoland", Novi Sad
  • Educational programs for giving in Gallery Matica Srpske, Milica Milošević, museum educator

Film "Adventures in the Backyard" – Children's Kindergarten "Dandelion" from Pula, Croatia.Morena Ravnic , nurse, equalient

  • Roundtable on the subject: The professional competence of practitioners in the book "Adventures of Learning Outside the Walls of Kindergartens and Schools"

Moderators: Vesna Radulovic, Educator, School Administration, Novi Sad and Spomenka Divljan, pedagogue/psychologist, PU ,,Joy" from Novi Banovac; Editors: Dusanka Mudrinić , PU ,"Maštolend", NS, Andrijana Ciric, PU ,,Včielka", Backi Petrovac, Morena Ravnić, DV ,"Maslačak", Pula, Ivana Rastović, Gallery Matica Srpske

  • Erasmus + Projects presentation poster

Moderator Dragana Babić, OŠ ,, Milan Petrovic", Novi Sad

Exhibitors: Radmila Petrovic, President, Association of Educators of Vojvodina;  Andrijana Ciric, Ana Laćarak, PU ,"Včielka", Backi Petrovac;  Suzana Plemenitaš, Elementary School "Dobje", Dobje pri Mountain, Slovenia;  Dunja Tasevski, kindergarten teacher, PU kindergarten "Imaginoland", Novi Sad;  Jelena Glamocanin, Professor of French, PU ("Jules Verne";  Jelena Bobić, educator, Matica Srpske Gallery.

Socializing, meeting, taking breaks…

  • Organizing committee:
  • Dragisa Mudrinić, Dunja Tasevski, Ivan Sakan, Suzana Kuzela, Slađana Lalosevic, Ivana Simic, Josip Jaramazovic, Bojana Bojanić, Marijana Bukurov, Ana Acimovic, Miljana Kelic, Andrea Tot, Lena Poznanovic and Stanislava Trajkovic
  • Registration of participants – 285 participants from Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia participated in the conference.
  • Participants
  • Closing of the second day of the event – Dusanka Mudrinić

International Project Team Meeting (TPM)

Dandelion Kindergarten, Pula, R. Croatia, from September 30, 2021 to October 3, 2021.

The meeting was attended by representatives of Children's Kindergarten ", Dandelion" from Pula, Preschool institutions "Včielka" and "Maštolend" from Novi Sad and Backa Petrovac, Elementary School "Dobje" from Dobja pri Planina and Gallery Matica Srpske from Novi Sad. The aim of the meeting is to look at the results of project activities and the outcome of 30 months of work on the creation of the manual.A plan has been developed that involves collecting materials (photos, texts…) for manual, design and technical preparation.In addition, participants agreed on all important issues for the organization of the international conference in Novi Sad during June 2022 as an event for the expansion of the project results and the promotion of the manual , "Adventures of Learning outside the walls of kindergartens and schools"

International Project Team Meeting (TPM)

Elementary school "Dobje", Dobje pri Planina, Slovenia, from June 13th to June 15th 2021.

Representatives of Kindergarten (Kindergarten) attended the meeting. Dandelion" from Pula, Preschool institutions "Včielka" and "Maštolend" from Novi Sad and Backa Petrovac, Elementary School "Dobje" from Dobja pri Planina and Gallery Matice Srpske from Novi Sad.The aim of the meeting is to reflect the results of previous research into the practice of kindergartens, museum programs for the youngest and the use of ICT. Practical activities and results of working with children with a focus on designing innovative pedagogical methods from the perspective of each organization's activities were presented. Project teams presented the results they came up with and the evaluation of project activities. A plan has been drawn up for the next steps, which includes the development of didactic and pedagogical materials for working with children, guidelines for educators, teachers, professional collaborators who apply outdoor access to learning and use digital technologies intended for children (toys).We've made arrangements to continue working on the manual.

Learning, teaching and training activities in Pula, Croatia, October 2020.

The activities of learning, teaching and training took place in Pula, Croatia from 15 May to 16 September. Until The 18th Century. October 2020. Mr.

The theme of the training was the out-of-school learning of children of early age (Out-of-Classrom Learning with young children). The aim was to teach participants methodological and pedagogical technologies for creating outdoor curricum, in nature and in the local community. Everyone contributed to the quality of training with their knowledge, experience and skills.

Participants in the training were given width in terms of the possibility of implementing the 'outdoor' program with children aged 2 and 2. 10, 2014, in New York City. Year. Due to the covid 19 virus pandemic, the training was carried out combined.Sola and vrtec "Dobje" in Dobju pri Planina from Slovenia and PU "Včielka" from Backa Petrovac, from Serbia joined virtually while The Matica Gallery of Serbia and PU , "Maštolend", both from Novi Sad, left Serbia for LTT activities in Croatia. Kindergarten "Dandelion" from Pula hosted and organized a four-day training session in which all goals were fully achieved.

Networking knowledge will contribute to the creation of an innovative model of work that everyone will try out in their institution and participate in the creation of an e-manual for educators, teachers and parents.

Participiants’ meeting of Erasmus + KA2 project Adventures of Out-Of-Classroom Learning 25th of June, 2020

On June 25, 2020, a meeting of the participants of the Erasmus + KA2 project Adventures of Out-Of-Classroom Learning was held in the premises of the Matica Srpska Gallery, attended by project advisors from the Tempus Foundation Ivana Mitrović and Marija Opačić. The meeting was attended by representatives of three of the five partner institutions in the project: Kindergarten “Mastolend” – Dusanka Mudrinic, Dragisa Mudrinic, Ivan Sakan, in front of the Matica Srpska Gallery – Dr. Tijana Palkovljevic Bugarski, Jelena Ognjanovic and PU “Vcielka” – Zuzana Pasic, Andrijana Ciric.